Long jump background arches back hundreds of years to the ancient Olympic Gamings in Greece. In those days it was a part of the pentathlon event, and this makes it among the earliest track and also field occasions and also the oldest jumping event in sports.

The original Olympics were a competition and also training ground for warriors. The occasion was created as well as included in the Olympics due to the fact that it was considered important for warriors to be active and also able to avoid barriers such as jumping across ditches or streams.

Initially the athletes were needed to lug a weight in each hand that was in between 1 as well as 4.5 kilos while running. These were called halteres as well as they were used to gain momentum with when you were at the point of making the jump. The pit that was initially made use of was not full of sand as it is today, yet was just a pit of tilled earth.

It is thought due to witness reports of the Olympics in Greece that the longjump was come with by songs, which was utilized to provide the professional athlete some rhythm right into the jump while keeping up their weights. It was assumed that the depictions of long jump at Old Greece remained in fact a triple jump, yet it has been shown that the event was exactly what we understand as Long Jump Sand Pit.

When the contemporary Olympics were begun in 1896, the champion of the first long jump gold medal was Ellery Clark that jumped 6.35 meters. One more turning point in the history of the occasion was the world record set in 1935 by Jesse Owens that leapt 8.13 meters. This record would certainly stay in place for 25 years up until it was barged in 1960. The existing longjump globe record is 8.95 meters in the males’s occasion and 7.52 meters in the women’s. The ladies’s document has actually been in place for greater than Twenty Years.