When it comes to Vitamin C, nothing is more underestimated. That is completely clear, especially by the standards that the RDA lays out for us. Last I heard, 75 mgs was the recommended daily requirement. That is a horrendously low dose given the magnitude of just what this essential vitamin does for us! Lets go over just a few things that Vitamin C assists us with on a daily basis. Once we have a clear picture of just how much good health is hinged upon this vitamin, we won’t want to be following the recommendations put out there, at least that’s my hope.

First of all, keep in mind that Vitamin C helps to rebuild tissue. How enormous a task is that? Think of every part of us. It’s all tissue! Tissue that is constantly having to renew and revitalize itself. How accurate can the low RDA doses be? Honestly, I think it’s designed to be lower because if it is set lower we will be chronically ill more often, keeping the medical and pharmaceutical communities busy and thriving financially. Follow the money trail folks.

Just think of everyday life in general. Whether we come upon a bump, a cut or any type of injury whatsoever, it all requires Vitamin C in place to achieve adequate healing. How is 75 mgs. of this stuff going to fight off the common afflictions we all face on a daily basis, much less the big guns like cancer and other tissue related disturbances at such low doses? It’s absolutely insane to think we can have optimum health at such low recommendations.So just how often does this powerhouse of a vitamin come to our rescue? Lets just name a few.

Anytime we break a bone, we find ourselves in great need of this vitamin to mend it. Anytime we are burned or our skin suffers any minor injury whatsoever, it is this vitamin that begins the healing process. How about all of the free radicals we come in contact with in our modern day society. Constantly bombarding and permeating our cells creating havoc. It’s Vitamin C that quenches alot of these free radicals to assist in keeping our cells from distortion and a cancerous type situation. It is also vital for helping us to absorb iron adequately.

I have personally been able to see that benefit for myself quite clearly when I’m going through a pregnancy. If I don’t take Vitamin C along with my dose of iron, I will find my iron values on the low side. Once I include a chewable Vitamin C tablet with my dose of iron, my values will increase. Eureka! When it comes to infection, we can’t always avoid them,

however we can decrease the severity of them by utilizing more Vitamin C as well. I can’t imagine living on 75 mgs of this, in my opinion that’s like a death sentence!

Keep in mind that our bodies do not manufacture this stuff. Even more of a reason to make sure your levels are increased. Humans along with just a couple other mammals do not make Vitamin C. Most others do, and I find it interesting that dogs of an average size, say around 60-70 lbs makes approximately 2,400 mgs of Vitamin C daily! Now c’mon, if a dog that size needs that much Vitamin C, how is it we ONLY need 75 mgs. Utter insanity. A death sentence like I said.

I learned all of this early in my nutritional career while owning and operating my health food store. The first thing I suggested for any type of tissue problems of any sort was an increase of Vitamin C. My daughter just recently broke her arm cheer leading and I gave her a couple thousand mgs. daily. She was good as new in 6 weeks, Usually chewables are best because our bodies only can absorb 500 mgs at any given time and they are easy to keep with you in a pocket, put inside the fridge (Vergleichsportal für Kühl Gefrierkombinationen) or small purse for easy access throughout the day. Adding more of this to your daily nutritional regimen can only improve things. Don’t be fooled by the low recommendations, you need more, count on it!